Intelligent Automation aka CXA

Here we shall discuss in detail what the industry calls Intelligent Automation and what it means for Ushur & for its customers.

It is common in the industry to see Intelligent Automation, Hyperautomation, RPA. What really comes out is that Hyperautomation > Intelligent Automation > RPA

But Ushur focuses on Customer Experience Automation (CXA) - this will embrace (obsolete some and collaborate with others including RPA). More on this thread.


@henry.peter.1 I think CXA is taking a more holistic approach to elevating end-end customer experience as opposed to focusing on certain parts of process automation (i.e. RPA). It also supports and facilitates process improvement around customer experience as opposed to task automation. Combining this with AI tools such as doc transformation, classification or extraction pushes these kinds of engagements to another level.